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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Steal A Dog by Barbara O'Connor

How would you feel, if you were homeless? Would you be embarrassed to let your friends know? Would people make fun of you? This book is about a homeless girl and her mother, and brother.
Georgina is the main character. Georgina is very confused and worried. Her life is a mess because her family was kicked out of their apartment after her father left. Her mom is working two jobs to try and make enough money to find a new place to live. They live in their car.
Georgina sees a missing dog poster with a reward of $500 for finding the dog. The poster is old but it gives her an idea. She could steal a dog and then wait for the owner to put up a reward poster, and then collect the money to help her family. My favorite part is when Georgina makes friends with another homeless person who figures out what she is up to. Does he tell on her? Does her plan of stealing a dog really work? Read this book to find out. Georgina is a character that you grow to care about as a reader. Find out if she ends up making a good choice for herself and her family. Here is the book trailer on Youtube also

                       Recommended by Mr. Fredde

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