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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Otis And The Tornado

Otis and the Tornado
Fiction     5 Stars.

This book is about a tractor named Otis and his farmyard friends. Everyone on the farm is friendly with each other except for the bull. The bull is mean to everyone! One day there is a tornado and the bull must depend on Otis to save him. This book shows how Otis and the bull become friends.
I like Otis because he always makes good choices, even when it is tough. In this book, he risks his life to save the bull, even though the bull had been mean to him earlier. I like the part when the author describes how Otis and the bull did not get along before the tornado.
It is funny to imagine how the bull acted! You should read this book because the author, Loren Long, was born in Joplin, Missouri!!  This book makes me think of a time when we had a tornado in our town. Like the animals in this book, my family had to huddle together in the lowest place possible (the basement) to be safe from the storm.

Recommended by Mrs.  Lovenduski

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