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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SuperFudge by Judy Blume

Super Fudge by Judy Blume

Fiction     5 Stars

     This book is about Peter. Peter's Mom was going to have a baby and Peter was going to run away if his baby sister is not going to be good. So then they move and Peter and his brother had to go to the same school. On the first day Fudge had to get a new teacher because his first teacher did not call him Fudge.
     My favorite character is Fudge because he is fun and cool. His name and pet bird are cool. Sometimes he is mean to his baby sister. Like when he put her in the closet because he went to play hide and seek.
     The best part was when Peter said that if the baby was not going to work out then he is going to run away and that the baby can not sleep in his room. The baby had to sleep in the living room.
If you like to read Judy Blume then you should read this book because it is cool. This book reminds me of when my baby brother was born. I want to run away too, because I know that he was going to be special to my Mom and Dad.

                                          Recommended by Kourtney 5th Grade Bowman

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