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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Zany Competition by Jacqueline Adams

Non-Fiction 5 Stars
    This book is about a strange competition. Its about a contest where people try to collect worms. People cannot did them up, they have to charm them up. They have to find something to get the worms to come up. Like strumming guitars, beat on drums, or put wood in the ground and tap on it or dance.
    I learned that worms sense danger when they feel vibrations. Moles are small animals that live underground and eat worms. They make vibrations when they move. When a worm feels the vibrations they move upwords. I think the author wants people to understand is that if you want to do something like the worm contest you need to know what to do and shows you. This book made me change my thinking about worms. I didn't know they were scared of moles.

                                                      Recommended by Kourtney 5th Grade

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