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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Great Tug of War by Micheal Sullivan

5 stars
   This book is about a boy named Nick. He has a boy that was bullying him. His name was Fergus. Fergus said to Nick after a while, "Its not fun taking your lunch money, you're so weak. Nick said that he was not weak, but I say he was pretty weak.
   Erin is my favorite character because she is helpful to Nick. Erin helped Nick a lot. Erin reminds me of my teacher Mrs. Bowman. They both are helpful people. Erin made the book exciting because she was Nick's best Friend and tries to talk him out of doing things.  You should read this book because it is funny. I like the part when Fergus said "Hey Squirt, when are you going to grow up. It's not fun taking your lunch money, you're weak."
   This book makes me think about when I go my grandmas house. She makes me fell confident to do things.
                     Recommended by Kourtney 5th Grade

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