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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman

Fiction 5 Stars

     This book is about a little girl name Grace that wants to play as Peter Pan in her school play. But, a kid said you can’t play as Peter Pan because she is a girl not a boy. And a girl said, “Your black not white,” to her also, but she still raised her hand to be Peter Pan. So grandma took her to a ballet concert and you need to read the book to see if she gets the part.  
     Grace is my favorite because she is brave, imaginative and she can be how she wants to be as long as she puts her mind into it . My favorite part is the beginning where she was dressing up how she wanted and it funny.  It has a lesson in it and shows that you can be how you want to be and that it does not mater how you are, just be yourself.  This book makes me think about my 5 brothers and sisters because we use sticks as swords and we act like ghosts like Grace did.  

                                                                            Recommended by Neville 3rd Grade

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