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Friday, July 15, 2016

We read the article "Shadows" from the Teachers Toolkit

As a 2nd grade reading group we were working on digging deeper to understand what we read better. We practiced asking questions and answering them as we read. We noticed what words our questions started with, and where we found the answers. We brainstormed where to go to find answer to the questions that remained unanswered. Below is a list of student some students thinking and their review of this article.

Why do we ask questions?
        Cole- to find answers
        Tamra- to understand words

Where do you find answers to your questions?

           Tamra, Thomas and Cole - in our thinking, in the words of the article, and in pictures and      

    This article was about shadows. We learned your shadow does  what you do. The sun moving in the sky can can make your shadow fat, or long. We learned you have to have light to make a shadow. The pictures of shadows made this article more interesting. The authors wants you to know how shadows are made, that shadows can't shine through you, and that all shadows are different because of the object that makes them.

                                           Recommended by Thomas, Cole and Tamra
                                            2nd Grade

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