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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Check out what Carlos is reading!

His is halfway to meeting his 1st reading goal. His goal was to read 3 fiction and 3 Nonfiction books.
He has finished reading 3 Nonfiction books.

 He read Ugly Animals by Laura Marsh. He wrote that he  learned the Tapir has a long trunk! Some questions he asked were,
"I wondered why the naked mole rat is always underground?"                         
" I wondered that why the star-nosed mole got its name? "

He also read Animal homes by Natalie Tucker. He wrote that he learned that eagles add more branches to theirs nest every year and that is why it gets bigger. 

 In the book Sea Horses by Nicole Corse he learned that Sea Horses can blend into their surroundings, they use camouflage. 

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