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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bully by Patricia Polacco

5 Stars

  This book will make you sad and happy. If you don't like bullies you should read this book.  This book is about Lyla. She goes to a new school and meets a boy, and 3 mean girls. The girls do mean stuff to people. This book helps you understand we can all get along. This book shows me how to get a friend.
   I like Lyla because she is friendly and kind to everyone. The best part is when she has new friends. The book made me think about a girl who was sad, and I asked if she was ok, and said I'm going to help you.
       Recommended by Pipher 3rd Grade


Nick Pettit said...

I have read this book and I agree that it is a book that conveys lots of emotion. I could relate to this book as I read and I think any reader could do the same. I agree with the author of the review that this book can teach you how to get along with others.

Elizabeth said...

Piper, I am so glad you recommended this book! It is a great read! I enjoyed reading this book with you.