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Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson


This book will take you on an adventure and you can help solve the mystery of the "Big Bad Mouse".  The Gruffalo's Child goes on an adventure to find the 'Big Bad Mouse'. When meeting other animals in the Deep Dark Wood, the Gruffalo's Child finds clues as to were she can find the 'Big Bad Mouse...' 

 She encounters the tracks of snake, owl, and fox from The Gruffalo, each of whom she first suspects to be the "big bad mouse", but who in turn tell her where she can find the real "big bad mouse". I think the Big Bad Mouse is the most important character. 

 The animals along the way are my favorite characters. This book makes me think about playing in the snow and wonder about if animals in the forest can talk to each other like they can in the book. There is a short movie made of the book and the music and illustrations are very pretty and fun to watch. The music on it makes for good pre-bedtime relaxation.

Recommended by a Kindergarten student in Mrs. Abdulla's class.

Check out the youtube video at:

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