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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Big One by Tommy Greenwald from StoryWorks magazine

     The main character Joe likes fishing, but his family hates fishing! Joe joins a fishing club and goes fishing anyway. Joe is very excited to go on an ice fishing trip. He has to have a parent to go in it. He asks his dad thinking he will say no way!  His dad actually goes with him, but goes into the tent where there is hot coffee and leaves Joe fishing by himself. Joe thinks he may stay there the whole time and not fish with him. He is sad and lonely when he looks at other parents fishing with their sons or daughters. Read to find out what happens. Does Joe's dad end up fishing? Does he like fishing after the trip? Find out if Joe's dad will continue to go fishing with him or does he decide to never go fishing again in his life because he hates it so much. Read to find out what dad does and what the big one is! Who the dynamic and static character's are may surprise you. I thought it was usually the main character who changes. Read to find out if that is true!

                                                       Recommended by Anonymous 5th grader

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