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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Big One by Tommy Greenwald from Storyworks magazine

The Big One is the title of this story. What do you think it means? What could the big one be? This title made it seen interesting enough for me to read. Turns out a boy named Joe is the main character and this kid loves fishing. He joined a fishing club. Joe wanted to go on an ice fishing trip but needed a parent with him. No one else in his family likes fishing however at all. He asks his dad expecting him to so no. To his surprise dad goes with him. On the trip though his dad stays in the tent with the coffee and does not fish with him. Joe is very upset by this. Read to find out what happens between Joe and his Dad.  Also find out what the big one in the title is talking about. It may surprise you! Also the reason Joe likes fishing may surprise you. It surprised me! My prediction of who the static and dynamic characters were was wrong.  See if you can figure it out before the end!

                                                         Anonymous 5th Grade Student

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