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Thursday, June 29, 2017

2nd Grade Key Word Summaries

These 2nd graders have been working on identifying key words from Non-fiction texts to help them remember the most important information. Then they used their key words to paraphrase the authors words and write summaries over the text.

Check out their hard work!

These students summarized parts of the book All About Sharks by Stephanie Herbek

 A shark is a fish too. It has a fin and a tail and rows of long and sharp teeth. Some sharks are as long as a bus. A dwarf dogfish shark is as small as a pencil. A baby shark is called a pup. Many sharks have spots and stripes and lay eggs.
                              written  by Marcella in Mrs. Powell's class

A shark is a fish. A shark has a fin and a tail. A shark has rows of teeth on their mouth. A Great White shark has 5,000 teeth.  A whale shark is as big as a bus. A dwarf shark is as long as a pencil. Baby sharks are called pups.
                               written by Alessia in Mrs. Steffen's class

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