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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Monstrous Broccoli Excuse

This is a podcast of a reading of a poem by Dean Koontz from the book "The Paper Doorway." This is a sample of more to come. I plan to have students record podcasts of themsevles reading poems, stories, and Readers Theaters scripts. No student names will be posted, only titles of podcasts!

The Monstrous Broccoli Excuse
by Dean Koontz

You see, I don't like broccoli.
And broccoli does not like me.
It crawls into my room at night
Giving me a monstrous fright.

It scratches at the closet door,
Slithers-rustles across the floor.
This vegetable terminator
Has escaped the 'frigerator.

This isn't merely in my head.
It's really there under my bed.
Oh, Mom, how can I eat, you see,
A Fearsome food that would eat me?

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