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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Five Lives Of Our Cat Zook by Joanne Rocklin

4 Stars

   The Five Lives Of Our Cat Zook is about a girl named Oona and a boy named Freddy who are brothers and sisters, and have a cat named Zook. The theme of the book was family.
   Mario the Pizzeria  guy was my favorite character.  He was like a father to Oona and Freddy. Also because he would teach Oona and Freddy life lessons and he gave Oona and Freddy a job at his pizzeria. I thought the best part in the book was when Oona was telling stories to her little brother Freddy.  I think other people should read this book because it has a lot of heart and Oona's family goes through some ups and downs but they always find a way.  This book made me think about my friend Morgan because she has a lot of cats and she loves them so much. 
                                               Recommended by Emily 5th Grade

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