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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Surviving Brick Johnson by Laurie Myers


   This story is about two fifth grade boys who have a misunderstanding. Alex wants to learn how to fight the other boy, named Brick. He joins a Karate class but learns something more than how to fight. He learns about respect. 

   Read to find out about how respect changed our main character, Alex. Brick is our favorite character because he really just wanted a friend. Though everyone else thought he was a bully and not very friendly.

    Our favorite part is when Alex was making fun Brick and Brick never was able to finish his sentence to Alex which left him wondering about his future. Our other favorite part is when Alex and Brick became friends over a collection of baseball cards. You should read this book to find out how Respect will help you make friends. This book makes us think about how we show respect to our friends and other people that we are around. 

            Recommended by Elijah, Carlion, Kourtney 5th Grade 

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