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Sunday, January 25, 2015

39 Clues: Trust No One by Linda Sue Park

Fiction 5 Stars

     39 Clues Trust No One is about 2 kids Dan and Amy Cahill who like to travel. These kid traveled to a cave and got stuck in it. It was very dark. Dan and Amy walked around. Dan lied to Amy but at the end Dan told Amy the truth. Cahill showed back up. There was a fire in the wood by the cave. Will they get out. My favorite character is… Dan because he likes to see different cities and travel and so do I. He loves his sister Amy and I love my brother Jaden. He like to hang out with his friends. He cares about his friends and sister and I care about my friends and brother just like Dan.  
      My favorite part is… When they get trapped in the cave. They had to fight for their lives. It was scary. Dan thought it was Amy playing the tricks on them. Amy thought it was Dan playing the tricks on them. Dan and Amy decide it was the Vespers. They just fought for their lives and thought monster could still be alive!! But it never came back. 
     I recommend this book to people who like to travel and people who like to solve mysteries. Brothers and sisters who like to bond will like this book.  This book makes me think of… celebrity, football players, singers and actors because celebrities go to different cites to talk to fans, football player go to different cites to play football games, singer go to different cities to sing to their fans and actors go to different cities to make movies.

                                                                    Recommended by Makai 3rd Grade


TFredde said...
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TFredde said...

I love this series! I started reading it with one of my daughters. It can be very confusing keeping all the books and characters in order. I found myself rereading a lot. Good luck and finish the series!