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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key by Jack Gantos

5 Stars

    This book is about Joey Pigza and his mental illness. Joey found himself always getting in trouble for things he did. This book shows how even though you may be different, people in the world will still care about you, love you, and most of all be there for you. My favorite character is Joey because throughout the book Joey has people there supporting him even when they get mad at him. Joey reminds me of me when I am going through a rough time with my asthma and we both are always trying to stay strong no matter what gets in the way.  We still get through it.
    The best part was when Joey pooped out his house key. It was funny because he said it went thunk in the toilet bowl. 
      If you like to have fun reading adventures then you should totally check out this book because I promise you that Joey Pigza will take you on many adventures. This book reminds me of the time my brother accidentally swallowed a fly and pooped it out when we got to my Me-Ma's house. It was very funny and disgusting.  
                                                                                Recommended by Olivia 4th Grade

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