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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bear Says Thanks by Karma WiIson

Fiction 5 Stars

     This book is about a Bear.  A Bear that is always happy, always sleepy, and always friendly. Bear always has a smile on his face. One day Bear was at his cave. Bear was lonely so he brought all his friends together for a Feast. Bear's cave was messy. There was leaves in the kitchen and T.P everywhere, but Bear didn’t care so he went in the kitchen to make something AMAZING for the Feast. OH! NO! BEAR HAD NO MORE KITCHEN UTENSILS! What was Bear going to do? Read to find out!
       My favorite character is Bear, because Bear always waits for a good time to say some not so good news to his friends. Sometimes I do that and my friends forgive me like that.  
     My favorite part is when Bear told his friends his problem and when he told his friends said “Its ok we all shared and you are with us” That was so lovely for them to say that. I could see that bear was so happy to hear that. 
 You should read this book because I figured out that the moral of the book is that “Even though you don’t have anything you have your friends.” This book is also AMAZING.  If I love it you will love it to. In the book Bear will share his feelings to his friends and his friends forgave him like that. 
      This book makes me think about when I had some news that wasn’t good news I told my friends and they were so nice and forgave me like that. That makes me think about the book because Bear also had news that wasn’t good and when he told his friends they forgave him like that and made Bear feel so happy and I felt that way as a reader to.
                                                          Recommended by Lanya Grade 3

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