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Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Fisherman and the Genie by Fein Garcia

Fiction 5 Stars

     Once there was a fisherman and he was liked fishing at the ocean.  One day he went back to the ocean and saw a bottle on the dirty ground.  He herd a voice in the bottle. There was a genie in the bottle. It also has a king, a daughter, wife and husband in the book.  My favorite character is the fisherman. Because he is not afraid of anything at all. Because he was taught not to be afraid of any thing. 
     What is your favorite part? 
My favorite part is when the gene shows the fisherman the pond. And when the fisherman catches the fish that are colorful, because it is a magic pond and I wish there was a magic pond.  My other favorite part of the story was when the fisherman found the genie's bottle because in the picture, the bottle looked awesome and had cool designs on it.  
     People should read this book because it is so awesome and cool. It has a character who gets to do anything he wants. If you like Fairytales you should read this book.  This book makes me think about when I went fishing with my dad in the afternoon. That was a special day because I got to hang out with my dad and my dad caught lots of fish. I wish I could have too.                                    

                                                                 Recommended by Daniel

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