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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Baby Mouse Heartbreaker by Jennifer L. Holm

Fiction 5 Stars
     The main character in my book is Baby Mouse. Baby mouse didn't have a partner for the Valentine dance. I also had that problem. One time at church my teacher was making a dance but I didn’t have any partner.
     One day Baby mouse was day dreaming in math class that she was sleeping beauty. Then someone snapped her out of her day dream about sleeping beauty. After math class she remembered that it was Valentine day and she didn't have a partner for the dance. She finally someone asked to the dance.  Read to find out who. 
My favorite character is Baby mouse because she makes a lot of mistake and she’s really imaginative and she’s funny.
      My favorite part is when Baby mouse goes to the dance. Her dress and Georgie's
tuxedo looked perfect.  You should read this book because it is really imaginative and funny I think people who likes to imagine should read this book.  This book makes think about Has Law Eh Soe because one time she was swinging her arms like a monkey and it hit me five or six time.         

                                                     Recommended by May Joy Grade 3

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