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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It’s Christmas

 by Jack Prelutsky

Fiction 5 Stars

Without giving away the ending to this book it has funny poems about Christmas in it. It makes me think about Christmas and when I write my Christmas list for Santa.  It has a sled poem, a card poem, a Christmas tree poem, and many more. 
     In the play poem the little kids had to play the elves because they were little. For three years in a row a girl gets underwear.  The characters are believable because they tell you how they feel about Christmas. They felt happy and excited. One boy was excited to stand under the mistletoe. The pictures show how they feel. It shows a girl excited for her sled.  
     Kids who like Christmas would like this book because it is a fun way to tell about it. They can make connections to the poems. I made a connection to the girl who only got underwear for Christmas. She wanted toys and I didn’t get toys for Christmas this year either.
 You should read this book because it is really funny. The author is really creative. The illustrations are wonderful too.                                                                Recommended by JaN’iya  Grade 3

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