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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Perfect Dress by Melissa Lagon

Fiction 5 Stars

      This book is about the Disney Princesses wanting dresses. Each princess wants a special dress for the stuff they want to do. They all want to get a fluffy dress.  In the story my favorite character is Cinderella. She looks 
interesting.  Also my cousin was Cinderella for Halloween, so I had a connection to the book.  
     My favorite part is when the princesses all get their dresses and get together as friends because I like to wear dresses and get together with my family.  
    Someone else should read this book because it can help you read. It’s a good book and it’s a disney book so it has fun stuff in it . It can tech you how to spell. This book makes me think about my cousins because they like Disney. It makes me think of my favorite character. And my cousins pretend to be the strong ones.
                                                  Recommended by Lisa Grade 3

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