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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jessica by Kevin Henkes

Fiction 4 Stars
     This book is about a girl name Ruthie that has a imaginary friend name Jessica. Everything Ruthie did Jessica would do. Ruthie told her parents about Jessica. All they did was say there is no Jessica.  
     My favorite character is Ruthie. because Ruthie has a wonderful friend name Jessica. Ruthie said Jessica is so sweet.  My favorite part is when Ruthie turned 5. Jessica turned 5 and Jessica went to the moon with Ruthie.  You should read this book because when she play hide and seek with Jessica it's funny because its like she's finding nobody.  This book reminds me of when I turned 5. I thought of a imaginary friend before.I also have a real friend name Jessica. 

                                              Recommended by Trinity Grade 3

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