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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Annie by Lexi Ryals

Fiction 5 Stars

     This book is about a foster kid who lives with a women named Mrs. Hannagens. She is mean to Annie who lives with four foster sisters named Mia, Pepper, Isabella and Tessie. Annie takes a walk but almost gets hit by a car. A famous person named Mr. Stacks saves her before she gets hit. 
    He decides he may want to keep Annie.  My favorite character is Annie because she likes to dance and sing and so do I.  Annie and I have a lot in common like that we both have lockets and we both like big bows.  
     My favorite part is when she goes to Mr.Stacks house because she gets to know a lot of stuff about Mr.Stacks. One thing is he works a lot and he’s not really used to kids but he likes them in the end.  
     You should read this book because it’s heart touching. This book makes me feel HAPPY cause there’s a lot of singing and dancing.  This book makes me think about seeing the movie in theaters. It also makes me think about singing and dancing because in the book they do a lot of singing and dancing.
                                                  Recommended by Iyanna Grade 3

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