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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sleeping Beauty by A.L Singer

Fiction 5 Stars

     This book is about Malfsant an evil queen who hates Auora a princess (otherwise known as sleeping beauty) and tries to kill her. First she send’s her guards to find Aurora. When she find’s out that the guards did not find Auora she sends her pet raven to find her. 

     My favorite character is Auora becuse she is nice. She says ‘thank you’ and she is kind. Also she has animal friends. The last reason is she always has hope.
 Kids who like love stories will love this book.  Also this book is not overly romantic so kids will like it.  This book makes me think about sleeping and love. Sleeping because Auora is sleeping a lot. Love because the princess and prince are in love.  
                                                      Recommended by Niesha 

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