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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino-Bradway

  In Abby's world magic is normal, it is a way of life. Abby learns that she has no magic. Abby is an Ord, which is short for ordinary. She has to go to a special school and her challenge is surviving the school year without magic. However this special school is one that teaches Ords how to survive in the magical world.
     Alexa is my favorite character. She is one of Abby's older sisters. I like her because she worked with the king and got to help her little sister. She was very protective of her.
     The book is really good when Abby gets kidnapped. You need to read it yourself to find out if she escapes, but there is lots of action in that part of the book.
     This book makes me think about how people stand out in the real word for good and bad things. Abby stood out for not being magical just like some people stand out for not being like everyone else.

                                        Recommended by Duaa 5th Grade.

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