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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kitty Cat Kitty Cat Are You Waking Up? by Bill Martin Jr & Michael Sampson

Fiction 5 Stars

     The book is about a mom telling & telling Kitty Cat to wake up. She wants Kitty Cat to be on time for school. Kitty Cat is too sleepy to wake up though.          
     Kitty Cat is my favorite because he takes his time and he is a cat. I love cats.  My favorite part is the fist page when Kitty is asleep & doesn’t want to wake up, because he says he is a sleeping buttercup. And that is a cute saying.    
      You should read this book because it is cute & kid friendly. The pictures are fun & it is a sweet story.This book makes me think about school, cats & fish because all of those things are in the story.

                                               Recommended by Jada Grade 3

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