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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dork Dairies From a Not-So-Smart Miss Know It All by Rachel Renee Russell

Fiction 4 Stars

     Nikkie, Brianna, Cloe, Zoey, Mackenzie, and Brandon all go to a high school together. One day Nikkie,Cloe, and Zoey toliet papered Mackenzie’s house. When Mackenzie comes out of her house they quickly hide. However Makinze finds them hiding in the bush. They coud all get expelled if Mackenzie turns them in.Read to find out what Makinze did to them and to see if Mackenzie gets in trouble herself.  My favorite character is Nikkie because she is funny, talented, and kind.  
     My favorite part is when Nikkie got a job for fixing peoples problems. Somone finds out she is the one fixing them. Things will get out of hand because they fight.  
      You should read this book because if you like reading funny and interesting diaries you will enjoy reading this one.  This book makes me wonder if I am going to have a tough life in High school.  

                                                 Recommended byJessica Grade 3

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