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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ryan's Well by Susan Buckley

5 Stars

     This book is a true story about a boy named Ryan. Ryan started helping people in Africa when he was just in 1st grade. Ryan helped African villages get clean water. Ryan started a foundation to help get the money he needs to build more wells in Africa. Jimmy, Ryan's pen pal from Africa wanted to meet him and thank him for raising money for a well.    also found interesting that when Ryan visited Africa, 5,000 people were waiting there to greet him. The author wants you to understand that it is good to help others out. She also wants you to be thankful for the things we have, like clean water, houses, shoes and clothes that many other people around the world do not have. This book makes me think about how Ryan is a helpful person and hero to people in Africa. It also makes me think about how many people don't have as much as we have. This biography also makes me think about how I can help others who need things. 

                                      Recommended by Noar 5th Grade (book not pictured) 

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