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Monday, June 22, 2015

Crestview Cheetah's What do the Royals & Pizza have to do with you?

Earn a Pizza Party for your class!    
 Or Royals Tickets!

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All you have to do is read and submit a book recommendation to be approved and placed on the Crestview Elementary Read Write Think Book Recommendation Blog.

The class that gets the most published recommendations for the month of July and also  August will receive a Class Pizza party sponsored by Mr. Fredde and the PTA. There will be a winner for each month.

Also students who turn in book recommendations will have their names placed in a drawing for 2 Royals tickets. I have 2 pairs of tickets to give away. One in July and one in August.

Remember you may fill out book recommendation forms online at
Or you may pick up paper forms to fill out from the library or the bulletin board by Mr. Fredde’s room.  You may also write out your own review on paper or type it and have your teacher email it to Mr. Fredde.

Each month the teachers also vote on the best written recommendation and the winner receives a free book!

Thank you
Mr. Fredde

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