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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Summer Wheels by Eve Bunting

Realistic Fiction
5 Stars

     Lawrence and Brady like to ride bikes. They borrow bikes from a man called the Bicycle Man. This one boy steals two bicycles from the Bicycle Man.
     We liked both Lawrence and Brady because they find the boy who stole the bikes. The bicycle man is a great character also because he is acts different than you think he would. He lets kids borrow bikes for free and is not mean.
     The best part was when Lawrence and Brady found the thief riding one of the stolen bikes down some stairs. They make him bring the bike back to the Bicycle Man.
     One reason we liked the book is because you can pretend to be riding bikes along with the characters. This book makes me think of riding my own bike and about someone I know who stole a bike.

                                                     Recommended by Mariah and Rylee Grade 3

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