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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davis

Realistic Fiction
5 Stars

 This book is about boy named Evan and his sister Jesse. They are both worried about the new school year. Jesse is Evan's little sister but will be in his fourth grade class. They get into a lemonade war and make a bet. The first one to sell $100 of lemonade wins and gets to keep all the money.
   Evan is funny, daring. He can see people feelings and understand how to get along with people, but is not real good at school. It is easy to understand how Evan was annoyed that his sister would be in the same class as him. We feel like we are more like Evan in real life.
     It is funny when Jessie starts crying about Evan being mean to her. However it is also funny when Jessie puts bugs, and flies in Evan lemonade. This leads to Evan getting back at her. Read to find out what he does and to see who wins the lemonade war.
    This book makes us think about our own brothers or sisters and who we fight with each other and prank each other. It is very realistic and shows what having siblings is like.

                                                   Recommended by Alexis and Denim 5th Grade

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