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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Disney Pixar's Inside Out by Apple Jordan

5 Stars
      This book is about Riley and her five emotions. Riley has Joy who's job is to make her happy. Anger makes sure her life is fair. Disgust keep her from gross and nasty things. Sadness helps her feel. Fear helps keep her safe. I liked joy because she brings happiness and keeps everyone together. I liked the part when joy found Bing Bong. It was funny when he cries candy. The best part was Goofball Island. This book makes me think about all of my own memory's. This book reminds me of when my sister makes me angry. You should read this book because it teaches you about all emotions. If you like the movie Inside Out then you should read this book. This book will inspire you.
                                                         Recommended by Alyssah 4th Grade (Scearcy) 

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