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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Simba's Big Secret from Disney

5 Stars
      This book is about Simba and Nala learning not to tell others secrets. It helps you learn that you shouldn't tell other people's secrets. It's not nice. I like Nala because she is a girl like me. She told a secret that could have got her hurt. It was exciting to see if Simba kept her secret or told on her. I like when Nala got stuck at the red cliffs and Simba had to tell her secret so her parents could help save her. This book makes me think about my friend telling me her secrets when we talked on the phone. I thought about the sleep overs we had and how we stayed up all night talking. You should read this book because it shows you when it is important to tell someone's secret and when you should keep a secret. 
                                                           Recommended by Aisha 2nd Grade (Plummer)

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