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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Smile by Raina Telgemeier

4 Stars
     This book is about a girl named Raina who falls down and looses her two front teeth. She eventually goes to the dentist for treatment but before this she learns that you just have to be yourself no matter how you look. This book also explains what true friendship is about.
     My favorite character is Raina's mom because she gets super mad at the dentist and it looks funny. The best part was a flashback about Raina when she was little jumping in a bounce house and she lost a tooth. She could not find the tooth and everyone was looking for it.
     You should read this book because it's a good story mixed in a graphic novel. If you like books with fun colored pictures I recommend this book to you. This book makes me think about when I went to the dentist and they had to do X-rays(take pictures of my teeth) and do all sorts of stuff.
                                                   Recommended by Valerie 5th Grade (Rynott)

Check out this cool Scholastic page about the book: Family, Friends, Boys . . . Dental Drama?!

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