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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Your hopes and dreams

         Crestview families, I want to hear your hopes and dreams for your students. I will be posting different questions throughout the school year and look forward to hearing your responses. Your hopes and dreams for your children are important to us and hopefully match our own for them as their teachers.

How do you hope learning to read well will impact your child's life? 

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Teri Stevens said...

People who are well read have a better understanding of government, social situations, diversity, etc.
Being well read opens so many other doors to learning.

Lisa Correu said...

People who read become more curious about the world, it opens their minds to all possibilities and opportunities. Reading can also be a friend when things are tough, a bright spot on a hard day and a pal to make you laugh. It also stimulates all the other senses in a way an iPhone can only wish it could.

Mr. Fredde said...

Thank you for sharing!

Mr. Fredde said...

Thank you for sharing!