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Monday, September 26, 2016

Could We Live on the Moom? by Frida Wishingsky

After reading this book these fourth graders decided to share there opinions about living on the moon. Here is what they had to say after learning so much from the book.

     I think it would be difficult to live on the moon because you would have to transport air, food, water, medicine, games to play, electronics, books, and spacesuits. There is no air or water on the moon so you can't grow plants in the dirt. I think you can bring animals but would have to wear spacesuits. You would have to transport all this stuff in a spacecraft and it would be expensive to live on the moon.  

     People will not live on the moon someday. During the day it is hotter than boiling water. During the night it is colder than Antartica. You have to bring lots of stuff. You have to bring food like sandwiches and fruit drinks. You would need a place to live. There is no oxygen on the moon. You would have to bring a lot of oxygen. It would be expensive to live on the moon.

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