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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Double Double, Trouble Trouble by Michael Sullivan

5 Stars
This book is about Nicholas. Nicholas hates reading. He was suppose to read 20 pages a day but then he made a deal with his teacher. The deal was that he could read 1 word today and then each day after that it doubled for a month. So the next day it would be 2, then 4, and 8 and so on.
   My favorite character is Ms. Mallow because she is helpful. She is Nicholas's English teacher. She is nice to him. Ms Mallow reminds me of my grandma. They both are kind and nice. Ms. Mallow wants him to read more and more everyday. Ms. Mallow made this book exciting because she was nice and kind to help out Nicholas.
   The best part was when Nick thought there was going to be a snow day, but there was not so he had to keep reading. You should read this book because it is funny and the characters are kind and nice. This book reminds me of my brother, he hates reading, but is liking it now.

                                                 Recommended by Kourtney 5th Grade

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