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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bones Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border Book Five by Jeff Smith

Fiction 5 Stars

 This book is about Fone and Smiley Bone. They travel to the mountains to return a baby rat creature. They get lost in a mountain of rocks and found by a bunch of animal creatures.  Kingdok the king of the rat creatures wants to KILL THEM because two rat creatures were the Bones friends and the two rat creatures needed to be Kingdok's friends.  
     My favorite character is Fone Bone because he helps people and cares about them just like me.  I care about my two dogs just like Fone Bone!  My favorite part of the story is when they said there last good bye to Bartlaby the rat creature because Bartlaby was a rat creature and he belonged to the rat creatures. 
     You should read this book because it’s a graphic novel and if you like LEGENDS OF ZITA THE SPACE GIRL you will like this book.  Graphic novels are better to read because they have mostly pictures and there is speech bubbles around the pictures.  This book makes me think about the time got lost in a store and my dad was caring about me just like Fone bone.

                                                                    Recommended by Abisai  3rd Grade

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