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Monday, January 26, 2015

Captain Underpants and THE Invasion of the Naughty Cafeteria Ladies by Dav Pilkey

Fiction 3 Stars

This book is about 
alien lunch ladies and zombie nerds from outer space who invade the Earth and try to take over, but Captain Underpants comes to help save us. Captain Underpants also fights a dandelion monster.  
     My favorite character is Captain Underpants because he is funny and helpful and he has super strength. He is helpful because he saves people from danger.          
     My favorite part is when Captain Underpants gives a nerd a wedgie and when captain underpants gets his super strength. This shows how can defeat the enemy.  
     You should read this book because It is funny and entertaining. The story tells lots of jokes and tells you what to do if you get in trouble.  This book makes me think about how funny wedgies are because the person’s underwear shows to everyone.
                                                                Recommended by Jordan 3rd Grade

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