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Monday, January 26, 2015

Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting

Fiction 5 Stars

     Fly Away Home is about a boy named Andrew who lives in the airport with his dad They have no money. Andrew’s mom died. A bird got trapped in the airport. This made Andrew sad and think about how he was also trapped in the airport like the bird. 

     Andrew helps out around the airport for money so they can  get an apartment. My favorite character is Andrew because he is very helpful like me. He is sad and sneaky also. He is sneaky because he hides in the bathroom with his dad, to not get caught. 
       I can relate to how Andrew feels because his mom died and my mom is very sick and only has ten years to live. My favorite part is at the very very end when he watched people meet each other when getting off the planes.         
      He got mad and in his mind he said mean stuff about the people. I think that part is funny because he said mean things about people. It just cracks me up. 
     It might be sad for you, it is kind of sad for me. Read it to figure out why he got mad other people meeting each other. This book makes me think about my sisters and my brother. We are very sneaky, we get candy without permission.

                                         Recommended by Anonymously by a student

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