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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Merry Un-Christmas by Mike Reiss

Fiction 5 Stars

     The book Merry Un-Christmas is about a girl named Noelle.  On Christmas Noelle gets a bike and a pony over and over again. She gets sad because she doesn't get anything new.  
     My favorite character is Noelle.  Since she is the main character Noelle reminds me of Grace, from Amazing Grace because in the book Grace is the main character. What I like about Noelle is that she is a nice, an amazing little girl, and really reminds me of Grace.  
     My favorite part is when Noelle and her dad where dancing because it is funny and cute at the same time. Who would think that a dad would dance like that and since he’s a grown-up.
     Someone should read this book because they might get the same thing for Christmas over and over again. Whoever reads this book might think the same thing as I did and connect it to their lives like I did. It makes me think about when it’s Christmas I get the same thing over and over again like clothes, toys, and shoes. 

                                                                  Recommended by Madilyn 3rd Grade

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