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Sunday, January 25, 2015

One Pizza, One Penny by Julie Sternberg

Fiction 5 Stars

     Have you ever thought about having a favorite book that talks about food? Will in my opinion One Pizza, One Penny is the BEST book ever! To begin with, the main characters in my book is Ben Bear and Chris Croc. They were both masters at making food. Ben Bear was the master at making pizza while Chris Croc made delicious cake. Ben Bear and Chris Croc were also the friendliest neighbors in town. 
     One day a van appeared while Ben and Chris were eating cake and pizza.  A strange lion appeared and asked for a piece of cake. After a mouse ate a piece of cake he gave Chris croc a gold coin because the mouse ate the BEST cake ever! And that made Ben jealous. 
     They decided to sell the food they made to get more gold coins. They ended up eating the food they were going to sell because they were really hungry. The next day they made more food and sold it for gold coins.  My favorite character is Ben Bear because he is nice, unique and polite. Ben loves pizza and I love pizza as well. 

     What is your favorite part?  My favorite part is when Ben and Chris was eating pizza because it made me hungry and think of yummy, delicious food.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes friendship stories because, in this book Ben got jealous and at the end of the story the two friends learned a lesson.
This book made me think about my baby brother Keaton because he always gets jealous just like Ben. Keaton always learns a lesson after his mischief of being jealous just like Ben and Chris did. 
                                                                           Recommended by Kyla 3rd Grade

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