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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Adventures In Cartooning James Sturm

Fiction 5 Stars

     This Book is about a knight who want’s to slay this dragon that eats the children’s candy. They have to reach this island called dragon island to eat all the candy.  My favorite character is the Elf because he is like me. He loves comics and I love comics. He is a magic elf that draws cartoons. 
     The other thing we have in common is we love to talk a lot. We both love and know about comics.  My favorite part is when Edward eats all the candy. And when the elf says now that’s what I call a splash panel. And it tells you how to draw the knight, elf, and Edward the horse.  People should read this book because it is very funny and has cool for doodles to turn into comics. It is interesting when you can turn your doodles into comics.      This book makes me think about when I used to do doodles as a smaller kid. Also when I used to draw stick people. And draw shirts that have a fist on some of them.  

                                              Recommended by JB Grade 3

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