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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Chomp by Carl Hiaasen

Realistic Fiction
5 Stars

     Wahoo is a young boy who's father has an unusual job, he trains animals to be in shows and to not hurt the people in the shows. Wahoo has grown up with animals. Wahoo's father gets hired by Derek Badger who is awful with animals. Derek is the host of a TV show called Expedition Survival that deal with lots of animals. One good part is when Derek gets bit by a bat. It was real intense reading and made me want to keep reading.
       I really like Wahoo because he was risky and fun. He is also an optimist, which is a really good character trait. Wahoo reminds me of one of my friends, they are both curious, fun and risky. There is also a character named Tuna who is very interesting.
     You should read this book if you like risk takers. It is also very funny. It is an amazing book. I highly recommend it.

                          Recommended by Duaa, 5th Grade

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