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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Plants That Trick & Trap by Julie Winterbottom

4 Stars

     Plants have to protect themselves from animals that may eat them. They can't run away, but they have many ways to protect themselves. They stay alive by poisoning, stabbing, and drowning animals or insects. Read this book to find out how they do it and learn other ways they protect themselves.
     In this book you will learn that plants have many ways to protect themselves. The honey locust tree is a tree that hurts its enemies by poking them.  Sage is a plant that keeps its enemies away from it by its smell.
     Some of the most interesting plants were the Rock Star plant, the Teasel, and the Venus Fly Trap. The authors really wants readers to understand that plants can protect themselves even though they can not run away from enemies.  This book made us think that plants can be interesting, and about how you should stay away from some plants! A question we had was: how do the plants know when an enemy is coming? Maybe you can figure out the answer when you read the book!
                                        Recommended by Ahsin, Isiah and Demetrius, Grade 4

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